Land Rover Event Huge Success

This week saw the first of two Land Rover based ‘live shoot’ seminars take place, led by UK automotive and commercial advertising photographer Tim Wallace. This first event was the largest that Calumet had ever been involved with and it took place at the Land Rover plant in Birmingham earlier this week. The event was a sell out and the select group of mainly professional photographers were led through a 2 day course consisting of a ‘live shoot’ with Tim on the first day and then a comprehensive day in the class room to discuss techniques, workflow and post capture routines.

Tim – “This year I wanted to extend the format on our Land Rover events as I felt that photographers still had many questions once the live shoot was completed so we decided to extend this year to a 2 day platform. It’s a pretty intense few days for everybody including me in truth but the feed back that we have received from this first event on the new platform is very positive indeed and I’m looking forward to us enjoying more success working with Land Rover. Our next Land Rover event will be later this year on October 14th and 15th and will be held at the Halewood plant near Liverpool. It’s been a great 2 days and the support that I receive from our suppliers such as Hassleblad and Profoto really makes for a great experience for all those that attend, this time we had the new Hasselblad H4 for people to use doing the 1st day shooting out in the field as well as the latest lightweight field lighting solutions from the Profoto team.

Feedback from this weeks event

This event was a real success for us all, with all the customers sending us positive feedback. 100% excellent feedback on the score questions which is unheard of for any UK seminar event in our long history of seminars, a hands down success.
Francesca Munden, Calumet Marketing

Really really grateful for 2 days. For me photographically it’s a life-changing event, no question. I learned so much. Hope to see you at future events.
Steve Oxley

Tim hi, wanted to say thank you for your time over the last couple of days, very much appreciated and hugely valued. I’m sure everyone feels the same and I know I learnt a great deal and would leap at any opportunities to do something similar again.
I thought you where very generous with your information and very encouraging, really felt you wanted to help everyone as much as possible. I still think your work is exceptional, simply breathtaking and the fact that you use photoshop so little to achieve what you do is still staggering, my mind is still churning over everything you said and showed us!
David Lund

I just wanted to drop you an email to say a huge thank you for a truly fantastic couple of days shooting and editing with you. The course exceeded my every expectation and not wanting to entirely blow smoke up the proverbial was truly inspirational! I’m already feverishly examining ever car I see thinking about light bouncing of angles and shapes, my girlfriend has had the tour of your site including lengthy explanations about the lack of photoshop!! A combination of elements that you focused on have really resonated with me, control , precision , accuracy and skill all at camera level, something finally clicked and with out a shadow of a doubt car photography is the area I want to develop and hone my skills at. I feel genuinely reinvigorated toward the craft!
Thanks again for a truly inspirational couple of days.
David Hall

Just a quick line to say thanks very much for the last two days at Land Rover. The two days were exactly what I was looking for and all expectations were fully met. I particularly liked the relaxed pace, and the opportunity for informal chatting over a meal was priceless. Thanks!
Be warned, it is now highly likely that I will come along to the Morgan shoot in July!
Mike Roberts

Tim will be holding a further Land Rover ‘Live Shoot’ 2 day event later this year in Halewood at the Land Rover plant that will be in the same format and we expect this to sell out very quickly, those wishing to book on to this event should do so as soon as possible to avoid missing their chance and can do so at Calumet Events Online



1 Response to “Land Rover Event Huge Success”

  1. April 24, 2010 at 08:46

    Stunning series of images Tim and good too, to see BTS.

    Would be great to get an ‘insight’ into your ‘post’ techniques showing some of the techniques you’re using to add in the fog lights and the illuminated ‘smoke’ for example and give those all important, finishing touches.

    All the best to you,

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