Land Rover 2011 shoot at Gaydon Proving Ground

Land Rover test all their new vehicles at the infamous Gaydon Proving ground that they share with Jaguar and Aston Martin and this week commercial car photographer Tim Wallace completed a shoot out on the track for Land Rover Experience to feature the new 2011 Range Rover and Freelander models for use in their global marketing and online material.

The ‘proving ground’ is a test facility that these manufacturers share and proved to be the ideal backdrop in Tim creating the marketing photography required for this Land Rover Project. To get these dramatic shots Tim spent a great deal of the day shooting tethered from the back of a Range Rover whilst being driven by one Land Rovers most experienced senior drivers. With any work such as this their is a very large amount of safety measures and shooting in this way is something that Tim has become very accustomed to over the years with his experience within the motor industry producing work for clients such as Land Rover, Aston Martin and Morgan. The day started with a group planning meeting at the centre’s control tower to work out what was required and talk through positioning and speeds, following this Tim was securely anchored into the rear of the Range Rover using a series of harnesses and safety ropes allowing him to shoot from the back of the vehicle with it totally open to the elements and offering a good shooting platform.

The work that Tim produced for Land Rover will be working its way through their marketing projects in 2011 and will help to raise the profile of the Land Rover Experience that the company offers as well as hopefully inspire new customers with its drama and atmosphere.


1 Response to “Land Rover 2011 shoot at Gaydon Proving Ground”

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