Merry Christmas 2013

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As 2013 grows to a near and Christmas approaches we would like to take the opportunity to wish all our clients and our colleagues a very merry Christmas and a peaceful and fruitful New Year. 2013 has been a very eventful year for Ambientlife and has seen our company complete projects and commercial shoots around the globe and some very special assignments and projects such as the Aston Martin 100 Year Centenary Boom Project. We have enjoyed seeing continuing success from the training video’s that Tim recorded in the US over the last few years as a guest of Scott Kelby and Kelby Training with new additional classes added in 2013 as well as 2 in-depth interviews.

xmas 2013

Tim “Its been an amazing year that all started off really in the US with the launch of the our new video work we recored for Kelby, never one to be completely comfortable in front of a camera and more at home behind it I think, but this work has received great reviews and I am very touched and pleased that so many people have written to me since their release to say that these classes have really helped them understand light and look at photography in a different and new way, very well worth while and satisfying.
Its been a busy year with our automotive car work as always and we have had the addition of some pretty big projects that have stretched us at times but its all been a great learning curve in life and one that has lead us to meet some amazing people and visit some remarkable locations and places around the globe. Probably one of my biggest challenges this year has been the project work on the ‘Aston Legends’ 100 year centenary book, a hugely enjoyable project and also a great challenge professionally to fill over 650 pages of photography covering the most important and significant models from Aston Martin through the years from the very first ‘Aston’ to the latest all carbon fibre 2013 Vanquish. I remember the first production meeting for this at Aston and at the time it was described to me as like ‘eating an elephant’ one mouth full at a time…
The year ended in California shooting various work throughout the area and visiting some truly amazing locations such as Death Valley such as Darwin where I shot a personal project of my own that has become very popular and is now being published across various magazines through out Europe in early 2014. I was also very humbled and honoured in December to receive the ‘International Travel Photographer of the Year 2013 Award’ as well as being placed third in the Medium Format Photographer of the Year’ awards. Throughout all my work it would not be possible to achieve the work that I do without the support of those that I work with behind the scenes, wonderful clients and wonderful people that I meet along the way in this journey of life.
I would like to personally wish all the people that we have met this year a very merry Christmas and a very peaceful and happy New Year as we look forward to many more adventures and challenges ahead of me.”


“Life is a Journey…”

Tim Wallace – December 2013




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Photographer Tim Wallace is the driving force and creative thinking behind Ambient Life.
An award winning photographer he is probably best known for his commercial car and advertising work.

Tim works with many well known brands and clients such as Aston Martin, Land Rover and Kenwood in the US, and has recently been named as one of the ten photographers to be selected by Hasselblad for the quality of his work and creative vision to represent their new 'Pro Team' to be launched in 2010.


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