Fashion Designer Yuliya Kyrpo new collection Inspired by the photography of AmbientLife

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Over the years many people have been ‘inspired’ by the shape and form that make Aston Martin so iconic throughout the ages, the photography of commercial car photographer Tim Wallace is renowned for how he captures these subtile shifts in shape and form to illuminate the grace and beauty of these automotive designs. Yuliya Kyrpo, a London based fashion designer and winner of ‘FDC Young Designer of the Year’ took some of Tim’s work with the models of Aston Martin and has used this to find her own inspiration in the creation of a collection of new exciting designs that imitate those subtitle shapes and forms.

Yuliya Kyrpo is Ukrainian born, based in London she is a bespoke tailoring designer and maker. Moving with her family to London at the age of 13, she successfully participated in various design competitions, being awarded FDC Young Designer of the Year in 2007, and awarded first place in METRO Re-Create competition by creating an origami dress out of 1000 paper cranes. Yuliya is a graduate of the infamous London College of Fashion where she discovered her passion for tailoring, structured silhouettes and everything luxurious. She lives and operates in London and is very much an up and coming name for the future within the fashion industry.

car photography and car photography

car photography and car photography

Yuliya –“I spent a vast amount of time researching the automotive industry and its high end luxury brands, the designs and the photography of those that were tasked with capturing their sheer beauty and elegance. I was seeking photography that really highlighted these shapes and forms, but in a gentle and creative way that could be reflected almost as art and could reflect my own strong personal vision for what I was seeking to achieve. There are many amazing photographers but no one captures the streamlined curves and fluidity of the cars as well as the work that I discovered from commercial car photographer Tim Wallace. Tim has a vast portfolio of work on his business site and I spent many hours studying his work and gaining my own inspiration from it to utilise some of the amazing shapes and curves that Tim is able to capture within his photography through his lighting and photography.”

“The concept for the final collection originates from the popular subject of female objectification with the intention to satirize the topic by making the clothes to look like engineered objects with ability to function and make women look powerful and confident to challenge ‘the male gaze’.
Inspired by streamlined silhouette and curves of cars, often used to personify female body and crafted using Savile Row tailoring techniques, the work epitomizes heritage and innovation through women’s bespoke tailored collection.”

You can enjoy more of Yuliya’s work and designs by visiting her main design site available online here

Tim – “I feel strongly that photography and the creation of work is an art form no matter what context it takes, commercial or design based, and it is a great honour for my own imagery to be utilised in such a way as Yuliya has. I am very pleased indeed that it has inspired her in such a way that it led to help in her own creation of this clothing and it is testiment itself in many ways that art and its form feeds its very nature and goes on to recreate itself in other forms. I wish Yuliya every success with her designs and her work for what I believe will be a very bright and exciting future within the fashion industry.”

car photography and car photography

car photography and car photography

car photography and car photography

car photography and car photography

car photography and car photography

Automotive Photography ©Tim Wallace | AmbientLife
Fashion Photography ©Roman Sheppard Dawson


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