Las Vegas 2015 – PSW Live Events

car photography and car photography

Las Vegas is the place to be this in August 2015 as some of the worlds top photographers converge on Las Vegas to take part in an event which has now grown to be one of the biggest in the world, Photoshop World with Adobe and KelbyOne the convention centre at the Mandalay Bay Resort. Commercial car photographer Tim Wallace is amongst those invited to attend again this year to give a selection of classes on business as well as a live car shoot on stage as part of the main PSW event and also a premium Pre Con live car shoot event the day before PSW launches for a select closed group.

car photography

Ambientlife photographer Tim Wallace 4

August 10th to the 13th, Las Vegas is the place to be with the annual Photoshop World Event which is sponsored by Adobe.
The event is truly massive and attracts people from quite literally all over the globe, with the driving force behind this show spectacular being KelbyOne.
Tim has been invited to be one of the key instructors at the event and will be on stage for a special ‘pre con’ live car shoot class as well as during the three day event giving several seminars talking about business, lighting, photography and how to really work effectively with your clients and make a difference to your business.

car photography and car photography

Tim’s Schedule for Photoshop World Las Vegas 2015

Monday 10th August – 1:00pm – 5:00pm Live Car Shoot Pre-Con Special Event
Tuesday 11th August – 11:00am – 12:00am Building A Successful Business Model (Part 1)
Tuesday 11th August – 12:15pm – 1:15pm Taking Your Business Forward (Part 2)
Thursday 13th August – 8:15am – 9:15am Live Car Shoot Event on Main Stage

car photography and car photography

Tim’s Live Classes for 2015 Las Vegas

Building A Successful Business Model (Part 1)
Class 1 is the first part of a 2 part back to back hardcore Business class by Tim on how to achieve success and think laterally about your brand and direction. Photographer Tim Wallace is the driving force and creative thinking behind Ambient Life. An award winning photographer his work is often described as both conceptual and dramatic. Tim works internationally with many high end brands and in this business based session he will start by looking briefly at what kind of work he has built his business model on and then move the thought and work process to start to build up a successful photography business and achieve a positive global reputation, positioning yourself successfully within your chosen industry, this is something that Tim is very aware of having built a successful business himself and a respected name within just 7 years from scratch. The session will look at how to make the right informed choices and how to set a clear vision for your own path way to success rather than just ‘hope’ things work out and the phone rings with work for you.

Taking Your Business Forward (Part 2)
Photographer Tim Wallace is the driving force and creative thinking behind Ambient Life. An award winning photographer, his work is often described as both conceptual and dramatic. Class 2 is the second part of a 2 part back to back hardcore Business class by Tim on how to achieve success and think laterally about your brand and direction. This second part to the business session will look at how he gained his initial clients, won contracts and kept his clients as he an them evolved. It will look at how to approach agencies, how to effectively make those first steps and approaches to clients and agencies and most of all and utterly crucially it will be about explaining how to understand your position better within the field and how to put yourself and your work across in such a way that your clients understand your benefits to them and not just that you can take nice pictures. It’s about becoming a monster in your industry and creating a need for what you do and not just sitting there and waiting for the phone to ring.

Live Car Shoot – Pre Con Special Event
Tim Wallace is renowned within the car industry for his car photography for such leading market brands as Aston Martin and Jaguar. This special PreCon event gives you the opportunity to see Tim work with lighting a car as well as work through different aspects of how light can be used effectively for this very difficult lighting subject. Many of the lessons taught and techniques used will translate into other areas too where lighting reflective subjects is involved such as product photography so one not to be missed for sure. This is very much a hands on event where Tim will explain and demonstrate many different aspects of lighting from his personal knowledge gained over years of working within this industry.
*Limited to 40 participants

Live Car Shoot
This live shoot is a condensed 1 hour version of the pre con special event where Tim will do some live lighting setups shooting a car and talk through some of the techniques he uses when he is working commercially as a car photographer for his clients. He will look at some of the lighting positions that can help you get the best results for those that perhaps only have one or two lights as well as demonstrating how to get the most from these lights in some differing scenarios.


Photoshop World Las Vegas with KelbyOne Find out more at the Official Photoshop World with all the details for 2015 !

Tim’s Video Classes at KelbyOne Check out our classes on lighting, photography + interviews with Tim

Some behind the scenes images from the 2014 event in Las Vegas

car photography

car photography

car photography

car photography

Photoshop World is the place to be if your want to learn from some of the top photographers in the World today, all under one roof in this spectacular event that offers 3 days of shows and on stage seminars, get to meet the instructors off stage, special events and parties in the evening and one of the worlds biggest Expo events all in the desert city on Las Vegas. “What happens in Vegas, usually ends up on YouTube!…”

Photoshop World is where creative people from all walks of life come to take part in affordable, hands-on learning that can’t be found anywhere else. Gaining valuable, real-world experience from innovative instructors, while building camaraderie amongst creatives with shared passions. From beginners to experts, teachers to students, hobbyists to professionals, this is place where everyone is invited to share, network and engage in a welcoming community.

The Experience of PSW

Tim – “This was my very first PSW event, Scott had previously invited me a few times to take part but workload ands such like prevented me attending in previous years, this year was totally different and it was great to get involved and be a part of this amazing event. Nothing really prepared me for the sheer scale of the whole event and the location in Las Vegas was within the convention centre of the Mandalay Bay Resort and oh boy what a resort! Mandalay Bay is not only possibly one of the biggest Resorts in Las Vegas but it really is like a little town within itself with everything to hand and was truly the perfect place to host something of this nature that was on such a grand scale.

The first morning we were ushered into our seats at the front of the hall used for the Key Note Opening speech were the instructors and partners are positioned and 15 minutes later the doors opened and the crowds quite literally broke through to get the best seats that they could, it was amazing the energy and enthusiasm of the crowds. The key note itself was a real pleasure to watch and following the official opening we prepared for the first of our classes to deliver that an hour later. I have spoken in many different countries over the years on lighting, photography and business but never to a US audience on this scale and I have to say that I really enjoyed it immensely. The crowds were both polite and very enthusiastic about all the seminars that went on over that 3 days period. The lighting class that I gave on the 2nd day went really well and its not often that you get to drive a sports car through a hotel, which is something that we had to do so that we could get it into place for the live shoot event 🙂
Following the feedback from that live shoot lighting class it has already been announced that from the high demand that in 2015 I will be back in Las Vegas to give more classes and the live shoot event will be making up part of the ‘pre con’ day which occurs the day before the official launch of PSW allowing a select number of instructors to give major time to a reduced and select class of people over a 4 to 5 hour period, this is something that I was very pleased to have been asked to do and it will be great to be able to really get into a lot more depth on the lighting class in 2015 because of this.

car photography

In the final day I delivered my class on ‘Inspired Business’, I knew that this may well be a popular class but nothing prepared me for the scale of that, on the morning of the event we were given one of the largest halls at the convention centre and turn out for that class was the biggest of the entire event for us, it was amazing and very touching indeed for me personally. At the end of each class those attending are asked to fill out a short feedback form allowing them to give their thoughts on the class, its effectiveness, delivery and such like. From the feedback off the Business class we were later told that it had received some of the very best feedback of any class during the entire event and from all the classes given over that 2014 event, as a result Scott Kelby himself made a request that at the 2015 we not only deliver this class again but by request of those attending, we also make it a much longer class and I am currently looking at putting that back to back across a double session for 2015.

Following the excellent and very kind feedback that we received from those that attended the classes over the three day period I was asked to give a speech at the closing ceremony on the final day so once again I was on stage but this time in front of the entire volume of those that had attended the 2014 PSW event. I have to admit I was slightly nervous as the event had I was told attracted over 26,000 people this year, giving it one the highest attendance records in all its history.

On a final note I would like to really say from my heart a huge thank you to the support staff of KelbyOne, these are the guys that work very long hours behind the scenes to make sure that instructors such as myself have everything that we need as well as looking after all the video and audio for each class and event. We made some amazing new friends with the team and I was touched that indeed some KelbyOne guys actually came to attend a few classes themselves between their own duties. The event itself was both physically demanding for those involved with busy days and many after show parties each night, all of which were utterly amazing 🙂 and also gave people like myself a real chance to talk and meet those attending PSW.
Lastly I would say a huge thank you to the other instructors themselves, we met some amazing people on this journey and made some life long friends and we are already looking forward to 2015 PSW in Las Vegas so we can do it all again !”

PhotoFocus Interview with Tim Wallace in Las Vegas at Photoshop World 2014 with Robert Vanelli

Robert Vanelli then catches up with professional photographer Tim Wallace and his work with automotive and boating photography whist Tim was on stage on Las Vegas at Photoshop World 2014 with KelbyOne.

Listen to Robert Vanelli’s interview as he talks to Photographer Tim Wallace
Photofocus Interview with Tim Wallace available here

car photography

Tim’s background working with KelbyOne

Tim has been a KelbyOne instructor for 4 years now and over in the US Scott Kelby described Tim as one of the most influential car photographers in the World today and Tim was invited to the US by Kelby and with their filming and production crew produced a set of one hour long video tutorials that cover the in-depth aspects of the lighting of cars in photography, Tim’s the approach to a shoot and the issues and solutions that can arise in different situations and working with just available light effectively. These video seminars are available online through KelbyOne.

The video seminars have since proved a huge success and have received some great feedback from the tens of thousands of professional and amateur based viewers Worldwide that have used them to help them understand items from new lighting techniques to how to look at a scene and work to build up for a more atmospheric photographic capture. The videos also look at working with just one light for those that wish to try out and experiment in this field but have limited equipment available as well as some dedicated photoshop retouching and digital processing classes. Tim is now a regular guest at Kelby and continues to build on the catalogue of training videos available through his dedicated area on the Kelby site where he is one of the official KelbyOne instructors in the World alongside some of the biggest names in the photography today such as Joe McNally and Jay Maisel. You can also find 2 in depth interviews lasting over 1 hour each with Tim talking about the business side of the industry from setting up and first things to think about, through to client strategies and effective quoting as well as a second 1 hour video interview where Tim talks about what inspires him today and talks through the journey that led him to where he is today.

Want to see Tim’s video seminars today?

Why not go across to KelbyOne where all Tim’s courses are available online and get yourself prepared for Vegas! Tim Wallace – KelbyOne Instructor

car photography

“Hope to see you in Vegas…!”
Tim Wallace

car photography

car photography


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