Journeying through Scotland

car photography

This week saw us shooting in the dramatic and evocative landscape that is Scotland. Commercial photographer Tim Wallace spent a week traveling from the very heartlands of Scotland and the fair city of Edinburgh all the way up the west coast towards the very upper regions of northern Scotland recording and photographing some of the most sweeping and beautiful landscapes and countryside that Great Britain has to offer.

car photography

car photography

car photography

Tim – “I read somewhere a few years ago that every car photographer is secretly a frustrated landscape photographer trying to get out and in many ways this does have some truth to it. As a commercial car photographer the majority of my car work is shot out on location and it could be said that I shoot a landscape of view and at the last minute I pop a car into position to complete the scene. Our trip into Scotland was one that I had planned for sometime and it was very much a case of waiting for the right time of year and clearing enough space in our busy dairy to give the trip the time and effort it justifiably required to ensure that we were able to explore the further reaches of this epically beautiful part of the country. We started our journey from Edinburgh and over the course of the next 7 days made our way up the west coast through the 5 Sisters pass near Glencoe, northward along the beautiful Loch Linnhe onward to Fort William that stands in the shadows of Ben Nevis. From there we travelled north to the Isle of Skye and taking in such areas and scenes as the infamous castle at Eileen Donan before continuing our journey through Ullapool and to tyne upper reaches of the west coast regions.”

car photography

car photography

Tim – “Its very hard to predict the weather in Scotland and its not uncommon to literally see all four seasons in a single day due to its geographical location in Great Britain. From an equipment point of view it was a situation where I wanted to utilise various camera’s to capture the scenes that we encountered and along for the journey I took both digital and film camera’s. The digital aspect was covered by the Hasselblad H3 DII using both 28mm and 35mm lenses and also my trusty Nikon D3s using the 24mm – 70mm FX lens. I also took with me the Fuji XPro1 camera that I have grown to really love over the last 2 years that I have been using it. Some of the digital work shot also used some Lee filters namely the 9 grad filter and the ‘big stopper’ which is something that I have wanted to try out for some time and I have to thank the guys at Lee Filters for helping out with coming up with a solution for me on the system to allow that to be used on the larger than normal filter diameter of the Hasselbald 28mm and 35mm lenses. I also took a Hasselblad 500 C/M with 120 back for film shooting along with the fun element of the Lomography Spinner 360° camera that takes normal 35mm film and can capture a complete 360 degree view of where your standing”

car photography

car photography

car photography

car photography

Tim -“It was a truly amazing trip with a great deal of material captured, I will not say that we didn’t get lost a few times or that we did not have a few ‘hairy’ moments on some of the single track roads in the north but it was indeed a pleasure to get that lost at times and lead us to discover some amazing places that are buried away off the main routes. I think its possible that I will still be working on and processing material from the trip for sometime but it was a very well worth photography expedition and one that will also be able to support my normal commercial work with various high end digital back plates shot across the whole trip.
A truly beautiful part of the world that remains to some extent this day still untouched and as it has for hundreds to years”


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