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New ‘Pro Book’ launched for Q2

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The ‘Pro Book’ represents a online copy of our automotive car photography work presented on screen as a portfolio but more in the traditional sense, a soft copy you could say of the actual Pro Book that we may use in client meetings or with agents. The book is updated four times each year and we are very pleased to announce the launch of the Q2 2013 version of the book is now live.

Tim’s Pro Book for his automotive car photography receives a vast amount of interest from clients and agencies alike and we hope that this new release of Tim’s Portfolio inspires and demonstrates his create style and approach as well as showcasing some of his recent work both in the UK and Internationally.

Commercial Pro Book
A online dedicated web page version of our Portfolio is also available for marketing, agents and clients to view here at

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Morgan – Gotham City…

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The Morgan Motor Company is quite possibly England’s last great independent Motor Manufacturer.

We were approached several years ago by Morgan to shoot several of their superb models for new brochure designs, including the Aero 8, SuperSport and the prototype EvaGT.

Ambient Life photographer Tim Wallace spent time working with Morgan to produce the work for mainly for use within their brochures and web presence however some of the work is planned to be used in the main Morgan area at the various international Motor Shows such as the recent Geneva show. It is at this time that manufacturers traditionally launch new models and demonstrate their prototypes for the future.

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car photography 100 years of Aston Martin


Morgan – New Brochure and site launched in Europe

This week saw the release and launch of a new brochure as well as comprehensive website updates for our client Beamish Morgan. The brochure is a project that car photographer Tim Wallace has been working closely with our client with the aim not only to present the business to their clients professionally but also to capture some of the passion and enthusiasm of the Morgan brand after the company relocated its operation within the North East and became the first dealership in the UK to sell the much talked about new Morgan 3-wheeler, which has not been in production since the 1930s.

More than 600 orders for the revamped British-made roadster have already been placed by Morgan enthusiasts across the world, meaning that would-be owners could face a four year wait to take delivery of the latest must have motor.

A recent 30 minute test drive was all it took to convince US chat show host Jay Leno that he should add one of the £30,000 two-seaters to his collection of classic vehicles.

Tim already shoots for the Morgan the main manufacturer at their factory home in the hills of Malvern so it was a natural progression to work with Beamish Morgan, a company that have been closely connected to Morgan for many years and also have a heritage in the racing community through Morgan with McDonald Racing.


Beamish Morgan joins Ambient Life as a new client this week

This week we would like to welcome Beamish Morgan to our family of clients. Commercial Car Photographer Tim Wallace has been working with the company over the last month to prepare work for the launch of their new web presence as the company relocates its operation within the North East and becomes the first dealership in the UK to sell the much talked about new Morgan 3-wheeler, which has not been in production since the 1930s.

More than 600 orders for the revamped British-made roadster have already been placed by Morgan enthusiasts across the world, meaning that would-be owners could face a four year wait to take delivery of the latest must have motor.

A recent 30 minute test drive was all it took to convince US chat show host Jay Leno that he should add one of the £30,000 two-seaters to his collection of classic vehicles.


Nikon Pro Book Winter 2010

Today Nikon launched their Nikon Pro Book for Winter 2010 and this years edition features some Morgan car photography that Commercial Car Photographer Tim Wallace shot using a Nikon D3s earlier this year.

Nikon Pro is a very highly successful publication that in the past few years has won five industry awards. It is aimed at working professional photographers and agencies across Europe and demands the highest quality work in its features to showcase the work of professionals from around the globe. Its current readership levels exceed 75,000 and it is also a source for advanced technical information as well as new products that are soon to be available, reports and reviews.

Tim – “I’m delighted that we have had some work chosen for this years exciting Winter edition of Nikon Pro and in many ways its a great honour as I know that Nikon actively choose each year the photography to include from quite literally a global pool. In my work as a professional commercial photographer I use both medium format (Hasselblad H3 / H4) and DSLR (D3 / D3s) camera solutions to best adapt and work in what can often be a changing and demanding field of photography. Since the onset of the ‘digital age’ we have heard many voice concerns about if digital holds the quality of film and in my opinion digital as a whole overtook film for dynamic range and quality approx 2 years ago. Nikon is a brand that I am very familiar with having used these camera’s all my life since my first Nikon, a rather battered FM that still resides on top of my book shelve in the office, and for me they are a valuable addition to my high end medium format equipment. I think the comparison between DSLR and medium format will always be made but for me its quite simply a case of what is fit for purpose for the shoot in question. I will never be looking to get 14 frames a second from my Hasselblad but on the other side of the coin I would not expect to maintain the noise control and speed of my D3s if it attempted to reproduce the fine definition and resolution from a Hasselblad. Each has their role and each has their strong points, as a professional working photographer my only comment would be that its not productive to believe that you must ‘choose’ between either, use what works for you and if that means working on both a DSLR and medium format scale then go for it!”


Morgan Eva GT Project

Earlier in 2010 we were lucky enough to be involved in the final review stages of the new model from Morgan, the Eva GT. The car was recently launched to the World at the infamous Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance and this week commercial car photographer Tim Wallace got to grips with this radical new car from Morgan to shoot the commercial work for Morgans Eva GT marketing and brochures.

Underneath the Eva GT lies a development of the same lightweight bonded aluminium chassis you’ll find in the Aeromax Supersports, and wrapped around it are superformed aluminium body panels similar to those adopted by the aircraft industry. However, inside this new Morgan is a proper two-plus-two cabin layout making it a much more practical offering than any of the Aero-series cars that have preceeded it.

It’s intended to be capable as serving as everyday family transport as well as a luxury GT. Allowing for that extra practicality, the Eva GT is longer than the 4.2-metre Aeromax, measuring 4.7-metres in length, 1.8-metres in width and 1.2-metres tall.


Hasselblad Behind the Scenes Video of Morgan 2010 Event

Hasselblad have just released a behind the scenes video shot by them at the recent Morgan Live Shoot Seminar that was staged by UK Car and Commercial Photographer Tim Wallace.

Following on from the success of the ‘live shoot’ seminars that Ambient Life photographer Tim Wallace holds each year with Land Rover were are very pleased to hold a very special Morgan Centenary event at the Companies Factory in Malvern UK.
Tickets were limited and the event was aimed at both photographers and car enthusiasts alike. This event was the first of its kind to be held at the Morgan Factory and was a very unique event as the Company celebrate 100 years of car building. Those attending were able able to take part in one of Tim’s famous ‘live shoots’ as he demonstrated equipment and lighting techniques as well as talking through some of his commercial work for Morgan. The event was also fully supported by Hasselblad who made available their flagship new high end H4 digital medium format system for guests to try out as well as professional lighting support from ProFoto and printing support from Epson on site.

After a morning of working with Tim on some detail work and lighting lunch was served in the main Morgan building as part of the event and guests also had the opportunity to go on a full guided tour of both the factory and the Morgan Museum on site.

We are currently in discussions with Morgan regarding the possibility of holding a second event later this year as the initial event was so popular that we now have a waiting list of those unable to book before the sell out. Any information on this will be made public by Ambient Life and Calumet when we have details and dates.

Tim – “The ‘live shoot’ events are always a challenge and there is a fantastic amount of organisation that goes into them months ahead of the actual day. I’d like to just take this opportunity pass on my thanks to Calumet for all their support and for sponsoring this event, I’ve been working with the Calumet crew for 3 years now and I think we have beaten down the barriers and with their help the seminar events that we stage each year seem to be becoming larger and more ground breaking than ever. A very special thanks to Frankie and Peter from Calumet for all their help, this event just would not have happened without their planning and support. Hasselblad support has been present on all my seminars including this Morgan day so thanks to Paul (nice shades) and Mark, also thanks to Paul and Chris from Profoto as well as the demon himself of the print, Dom from Epson. Morgan and more specifically the head of their design team Matthew Humphries gave the day his full support and was instrumental in ensuring that we had the correct cars in place and just as they were required so a huge thanks there and lastly I have to thank most of all the people that attended, this is what the event is all about and from the feedback that I’ve personally received so far I’m very happy that so many people found it both interesting, helpful and most of all ‘inspiring’. Thanks guys!”

Ambient Life Online

A selection of other online sites that offer a look into the work of UK Professional Photographer Tim Wallace.

Photographer Tim Wallace is the driving force and creative thinking behind Ambient Life.
An award winning photographer he is probably best known for his commercial car and advertising work.

Tim works with many well known brands and clients such as Aston Martin, Land Rover and Kenwood in the US, and has recently been named as one of the ten photographers to be selected by Hasselblad for the quality of his work and creative vision to represent their new 'Pro Team' to be launched in 2010.


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