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Topaz Feature

car photographer and car photography

This week saw the US based Software giant ‘Topaz’ feature the work of commercial automotive car photographer Tim Wallace as a demonstration of their ‘Detail’ plugin that is now available.

Topaz Labs is a privately owned company that are based in Dallas Texas, that specialises in the development of imaging based technology and ‘plugin’ software products for photographers and videographers. Tim has been working with Topaz for a number of months now to both test and look at their new development as well as feedback his own options and thoughts of what he feels is most useful to photographers such as himself today. The Topaz range of products has recently been extended with some new and very exciting tools that are now available and Tim’s featured work on the front of the main Topaz site demonstrates a little how Tim has made use of some of the product line up within his own professional workflow.

Click here to read the full Topaz Pro Insight Interview with Tim

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Topaz Software Feature

car photographer and car photography

This week saw the US based Software giant ‘Topaz’ feature the work of commercial automotive car photographer Tim Wallace on the front page of their site.

Topaz Labs is a privately owned company that are based in Dallas Texas, that specializes in the development of imaging based technology and ‘plugin’ software products for photographers and videographers. Tim has been working with Topaz for a number of months now to both test and look at their new development as well as feedback his own options and thoughts of what he feels is most useful to photographers such as himself today. The Topaz range of products has recently been extended with some new and very exciting tools that are now available and Tim’s featured work on the front of the main Topaz site demonstrates a little how Tim has made use of some of the product line up within his own professional workflow.

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Founded in 2005, Topaz labs is a company consisting of a dynamic team of developers, managers and specialists. Each member of the Topaz team is armed with a unique skill set which allows them to make key contributions to the company. The Topaz team is comprised of veteran software developers, imaging specialists, media specialists, professional photographers, photography connoisseurs and Photoshop experts.

Check out the new Topaz line up of products here

car photography car photographer

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car photography 100 years of Aston Martin

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Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

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As 2012 grows to a near and Christmas approaches we would like to take the opportunity to wish all our clients and our colleagues a very merry Christmas and a peaceful and fruitful New Year.
2012 has been a very eventful year for Ambientlife and has seen our company complete projects and commercial shoots around the globe as well as Tim continuing his work in delivering seminars in the UK, Europe and the US. We have seen great success from the training video’s that Tim recorded in the US earlier this year as a guest of Scott Kelby and Kelby Training and there are plans to return to the US in early 2013 to record some further classes to add to the catalogue of work available online for people to view. 2012 also saw Tim continue his work with some of our long established clients such as Aston and Jaguar as we strove forward to support these clients with their media requirements such as the exciting new ‘Aston Legend’ book that Tim is currently working on and is expected to be published world wide in 2013, and work for Jaguar to support their needs at international trade shows and motor events.

2012 review 900

Tim – “Its been an amazing year that all started off really in the US with the launch of the video work we recored for Kelby, never one to be completely comfortable in front of a camera and more at home behind it I think, but this work has received great reviews across the globe and I am very touched and pleased that so many people have written to me since their release in February to say that these classes have really helped them understand light and look at photography in a different and new way, very well worth while and satisfying.
Its been a busy year with our automotive car work as always and we have had the addition of some pretty big projects that have stretched us at times but its all been a great learning curve in life and one that has lead us to meet some amazing people and visit some remarkable locations and places around the globe. Probably one of my biggest challenges this year has been to start work on the ‘Aston Legends’ book. I remember the first production meeting for this at Aston and at the time it was described to me as like ‘eating an elephant’ one mouth full at a time…lol
There is a huge amount of work to do as you simply don’t realise just what goes into filling a 400 page book until you actually sit down and start to plan it out but I am glad to say that we estimate that we are over 50% of the way through now and its very exciting indeed and I look forward greatly to see the completed book available and on the book store shelves, personally this is a life time goal for me and one thats been very satisfying indeed.
The year ended commercially for us in California shooting various work throughout the area and visiting some truly amazing locations such as Death Valley, LA, and Yosemite National Park. Throughout all our work it would not be possible to achieve the work that I do without the support of those that we work with and most of all my life and business partner Jess who simply is the most supportive and amazing person in her own right with her brilliant behind the scenes work on logistics and locations as well as bring the glue behind the scenes that helps keep everything together and me on the straight and narrow.
The year end is almost here and myself and Jess have taken some time out to be at our home in Switzerland to enjoy this festive period with friends and family not to mention catch up some skiing in the Alps where I hope to survive another year…!
I would like to personally wish all the people that we have met this year a very merry Christmas and a very peaceful and happy New Year as we look forward to many more adventures and challenges ahead of us.”


Video Number 4 with Tim Wallace launches in the US with Kelby

Kelby in the US this week launched the 4th and final video in the series of films that car photographer Tim Wallace created in the US with them recently. This forth video looks in depth at the post production side of car photography and takes an image from class number 3 where Tim worked in nothing more than available light and looks at how we can adjust and improve that image to really bring it to life and add some drama and impact. Tim also looks at some further techniques and talks through how he not only approaches his post production work but also points out a few things along the way that photographers should be thinking about regarding their work all the way back to the point that they are taking the image with the final edit in mind.
All the classes have been receiving excellent feedback as photographers and keen amateurs around the World follow the series on Kelby Training.

Kelby Training – Post Process For Automotive Photography with Tim Wallace Checkout our four exciting classes online here

What Scott Kelby himself had to say…

“Congratulations once again on your classes Tim, people are absolutely loving them, and so am I, big time!
I really love your teaching style, and you come across great on camera. You sir, rock!

Your humble student

The Wallace Classes Available on Kelby

The four classes that are online with Kelby Training from AmbientLife are;

1. How to light a car using multiple lights
2. Lighting a car and shooting detail with just one light
3. Shooting cars with only available light
4. Photoshop techniques for Car Photographers.

Behind the scenes during the US filming

All of the filming took place in Ybor near Tampa Florida at a location known as ‘The Trolley Barn’, a location made famous in its use during the filming of ‘The Punisher’ a few years ago. October in Florida is still pretty hot and during our first week the weather was indeed very humid with the whole team really feeling that heat inside the barn. Our choice of cars over the term of the shooting was a Ford Mustang V6, a Dodge Challenger, and a Cadillac CTS.

If you would like to watch how we worked with these cars and made the best use of our lighting then please join us online at Kelby Training where you can review and enjoy all 4 video classes, each of which is around 45 minutes to 1 hour in duration.

Kelby Training – Inspired Light with Tim Wallace Checkout our four exciting classes online here


Land Rover Event Huge Success

This week saw the first of two Land Rover based ‘live shoot’ seminars take place, led by UK automotive and commercial advertising photographer Tim Wallace. This first event was the largest that Calumet had ever been involved with and it took place at the Land Rover plant in Birmingham earlier this week. The event was a sell out and the select group of mainly professional photographers were led through a 2 day course consisting of a ‘live shoot’ with Tim on the first day and then a comprehensive day in the class room to discuss techniques, workflow and post capture routines.

Tim – “This year I wanted to extend the format on our Land Rover events as I felt that photographers still had many questions once the live shoot was completed so we decided to extend this year to a 2 day platform. It’s a pretty intense few days for everybody including me in truth but the feed back that we have received from this first event on the new platform is very positive indeed and I’m looking forward to us enjoying more success working with Land Rover. Our next Land Rover event will be later this year on October 14th and 15th and will be held at the Halewood plant near Liverpool. It’s been a great 2 days and the support that I receive from our suppliers such as Hassleblad and Profoto really makes for a great experience for all those that attend, this time we had the new Hasselblad H4 for people to use doing the 1st day shooting out in the field as well as the latest lightweight field lighting solutions from the Profoto team.

Feedback from this weeks event

This event was a real success for us all, with all the customers sending us positive feedback. 100% excellent feedback on the score questions which is unheard of for any UK seminar event in our long history of seminars, a hands down success.
Francesca Munden, Calumet Marketing

Really really grateful for 2 days. For me photographically it’s a life-changing event, no question. I learned so much. Hope to see you at future events.
Steve Oxley

Tim hi, wanted to say thank you for your time over the last couple of days, very much appreciated and hugely valued. I’m sure everyone feels the same and I know I learnt a great deal and would leap at any opportunities to do something similar again.
I thought you where very generous with your information and very encouraging, really felt you wanted to help everyone as much as possible. I still think your work is exceptional, simply breathtaking and the fact that you use photoshop so little to achieve what you do is still staggering, my mind is still churning over everything you said and showed us!
David Lund

I just wanted to drop you an email to say a huge thank you for a truly fantastic couple of days shooting and editing with you. The course exceeded my every expectation and not wanting to entirely blow smoke up the proverbial was truly inspirational! I’m already feverishly examining ever car I see thinking about light bouncing of angles and shapes, my girlfriend has had the tour of your site including lengthy explanations about the lack of photoshop!! A combination of elements that you focused on have really resonated with me, control , precision , accuracy and skill all at camera level, something finally clicked and with out a shadow of a doubt car photography is the area I want to develop and hone my skills at. I feel genuinely reinvigorated toward the craft!
Thanks again for a truly inspirational couple of days.
David Hall

Just a quick line to say thanks very much for the last two days at Land Rover. The two days were exactly what I was looking for and all expectations were fully met. I particularly liked the relaxed pace, and the opportunity for informal chatting over a meal was priceless. Thanks!
Be warned, it is now highly likely that I will come along to the Morgan shoot in July!
Mike Roberts

Tim will be holding a further Land Rover ‘Live Shoot’ 2 day event later this year in Halewood at the Land Rover plant that will be in the same format and we expect this to sell out very quickly, those wishing to book on to this event should do so as soon as possible to avoid missing their chance and can do so at Calumet Events Online



CS5 the new dawning…

20 years after the first Photoshop was unveiled, CS5 is launched with many new and improved features

Adobe have unveiled the latest edition of their popular image editing software. Photoshop CS5 includes new features such as Content Aware Scaling and has made improvements on older features. Also unveiling Creative Suite 5, Photoshop will be available as both a standalone programme or as part of the suite.

Press release:

London, UK — April 12, 2010 — Adobe Systems Incorporated (Nasdaq:ADBE) today announced Adobe® Photoshop® CS5 and Photoshop CS5 Extended software, must-have releases of the professional industry standard for digital imaging. With millions of users celebrating the product’s 20th anniversary this year, Photoshop CS5 builds upon a rich history of innovation and leadership with groundbreaking features and performance gains that boost creativity and workflow efficiency. Packing in more technological advancements from Adobe Labs than any other release and incorporating enhancements to everyday tasks requested by the Photoshop community, the software has greater intelligence and awareness of the content within images, allowing for complex and magical manipulation in just a few clicks. Adobe Photoshop CS5 Extended delivers everything in Photoshop CS5, as well as advanced tools for 3-D which address the unique needs of the video, Web, medical, manufacturing and engineering industries.

Photoshop CS5 and Photoshop CS5 Extended will be available as stand-alone applications or key components of the Adobe Creative Suite® 5 family (see separate releases).

“The past two decades have demonstrated an amazing interplay between customers who want to push the limits of their personal creativity and a passionate team of Adobe engineers who make those visions a reality,” said Kevin Connor, vice president of product management for professional digital imaging at Adobe. “We experienced this firsthand when we posted a ‘sneak peek’ video of the team’s work on the Content Aware Fill feature a few weeks ago. It quickly became the number one viral video online, with close to 2 million views and its ‘magic’ was one of the top trending Twitter topics of discussion. This version of Photoshop has some of the most innovative and extraordinary technologies to ever come from our labs and clearly customers are already clamouring for it.”

Redefining the Image-Editing Experience

Now a native 64-bit application on both Mac and Windows®, Photoshop CS5 delivers superior tools and creative control so users can perform advanced image manipulations and compositing with ease. Revolutionary image intelligence behind Content-Aware Fill magically removes any image detail or object, examines the surroundings and seamlessly fills in the space left behind. Lighting, tone and noise of the surrounding area match perfectly, looking as if the removed content never existed. New Refine Edge makes nearly-impossible image selections possible. This innovative technology precisely detects and masks the trickiest types of edges, such as hair and foliage, while eliminating background colour contamination.

For photographers, Photoshop CS5 now offers next-generation high dynamic range (HDR) capabilities. When combining multiple exposures into a single HDR image, Photoshop CS5 preserves the full tonal range of a scene with unprecedented speed and accuracy. The new HDR Pro offers exceptional ghost artefact removal and greater tone mapping and adjustment control. With HDR toning, users can emulate the striking look of an HDR image with any single-exposure image.

Photoshop CS5 provides revolutionary tools that maximise users’ creative impact. Breakthrough painting capabilities include a Mixer Brush that blends an infinite combination of colours onto a single paintbrush tip, and Bristle Tips that offer lifelike brush strokes. Puppet Warp gives users the power to precisely reposition or warp any image element, such as straightening a bent arm in a photo or manipulating the landscape to generate a new perspective.

“Since its inception, Adobe Photoshop has been a key tool for pre-and post-production work in the motion picture industry,” said Jon Landau, Academy Award winning producer of Avatar and Titanic. “With Photoshop CS5 Extended, Adobe gives filmmakers new painting, HDR and 3-D tools that will help them push the limits of creativity. Faster performance with cross-platform 64-bit support and tight integration with other Adobe Creative Suite 5 software makes Photoshop CS5 an even more powerful tool in a filmmaker’s arsenal. Photoshop empowers filmmakers and creative professionals in virtually every other industry to turn their imagined ideas into onscreen reality.”

Community Involvement Drives Enhancements

In addition, more than 30 features and enhancements requested directly by the Photoshop community have been added to this release, including automatic image straightening, rule-of-thirds crop tool, colour picker and the ability to save 16-bit images as JPEGs. The goal of this engineering effort was to address seemingly minor enhancements that directly impact everyday workflow, but aren’t always at the top of the development list for a new release. A new customisable Adobe Mini Bridge panel is also available directly in the software for faster file browsing and management.

Taking 3D and Motion to the Next Level

Photoshop CS5 Extended includes everything in Photoshop CS5 plus tools for editing 3D and motion-based content. With new Adobe Repoussé technology, users can easily create 3D logos and artwork from any text layer, shape or mask, as well as twist, rotate and extrude designs for different looks. To mirror the realism and appearance of 3D objects, a new materials library offers a breadth of rich options, including chrome, glass and cork. Users can also enhance the appearance of 3D objects by quickly creating shadows with the new shadow catcher. For motion content, tools including paint, text and clone can be used directly over multiple frames of a video sequence with ease using single-key shortcuts.

Adobe Photoshop Family

Building upon the 20-year history of Photoshop innovation and leadership, Adobe offers a line of Photoshop solutions for every level of user. Photoshop CS5 and Photoshop CS5 Extended software are at the heart of the Photoshop family, providing unrivalled power and editing freedom. Adobe Photoshop Lightroom® addresses the workflow needs of serious, amateur and professional photographers, helping them find, manage, enhance and showcase images in powerful ways. Adobe Photoshop Elements software provides accessible tools and sharing options for photo enthusiasts. Snap-shooters can quickly and easily share and edit photos with simple gestures using the free Mobile application on their iPhone or Android™ devices. completes the Photoshop line providing an online photo sharing, editing and hosting resource for all.

Photoshop CS5 Pricing and Availability

Adobe Photoshop CS5 and CS5 Extended are scheduled to ship within 30 days with availability through Adobe Authorised Resellers, the Adobe Store and Adobe Direct Sales. Estimated street price for Adobe Photoshop CS5 is £548 (ex-VAT) and £794 (ex-VAT) for Photoshop CS5 Extended. Upgrade pricing and volume licensing are available. For more detailed information about features, OS support, upgrade policies and pricing, please visit

About Adobe Systems Incorporated

Adobe revolutionises how the world engages with ideas and information – anytime, anywhere and through any medium.


Adobe Announces Lightroom 2.7

Adobe today announced the Lightroom 2.7, Photoshop Camera Raw 5.7 and DNG Converter 5.7 Release Candidates, available for immediate download on Adobe Labs. The updates add raw file support for nine new popular camera models, including the Canon EOS 550D, Sony A450 and Olympus E-PL1. A full list of the newly supported cameras is below.
The term ‘release candidate’ indicates the updates are well tested but would benefit from additional community testing. Adobe encourages photographers to try out the newly added raw file support in this update and provide the product team with feedback so they can create the highest quality experience for customers working on a variety of hardware and software configurations.
Photoshop Lightroom software is today’s digital photography workflow solution, allowing photographers to quickly import, process, manage and showcase images. The Photoshop Camera Raw plug-in provides fast and easy access within Photoshop to the raw image formats produced by many leading digital cameras. Adobe’s Digital Negative (DNG) format is a publicly available archival format for the raw files generated by digital cameras.
The Lightroom 2.7 Release Candidate is available as a free download for Lightroom 2 customers, and the Photoshop Camera Raw 5.7 Release Candidate is available as a free download for Photoshop CS4 customers. The DNG Converter 5.7 Release Candidate is also available as a free download for all customers. Click here for more information and to test out the updates: Feedback can be provided on the Adobe User to User forum (
In addition, photographers can also participate in the Lightroom 3 beta program and try out the new features in Lightroom 3 beta 2 for free.

To learn more and download Lightroom 3 beta 2 visit:

Newly Supported Camera Models
Canon EOS 550D (Digital Rebel T2i/ EOS Kiss X4 Digital)
Kodak Z981
Leaf Aptus-II 8
Leaf Aptus-II 10R
Mamiya DM40
Olympus E-PL1
Panasonic G2
Panasonic G10
Sony A450

Ambient Life Online

A selection of other online sites that offer a look into the work of UK Professional Photographer Tim Wallace.

Photographer Tim Wallace is the driving force and creative thinking behind Ambient Life.
An award winning photographer he is probably best known for his commercial car and advertising work.

Tim works with many well known brands and clients such as Aston Martin, Land Rover and Kenwood in the US, and has recently been named as one of the ten photographers to be selected by Hasselblad for the quality of his work and creative vision to represent their new 'Pro Team' to be launched in 2010.


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