Photographic seminars and UK photography tour events with commercial photographer Tim Wallace including details on our ‘Pro’ live shoot location events with clients Jaguar and Land Rover.

Photography is a passion for many people and there are a few who turn that passion into a successful career. Ambient Life photographer Tim Wallace is a photographer who is renowned for not only being very passionate about his craft but also very open in his approach to the all important business aspect of commercial photography. Since being asked in 2008 for the first time to hold a ‘live shoot’ seminar by Jaguar we have seen demand grow, and since then Tim has gone onto provide further ‘live shoot’ seminars with Jaguar and also Land Rover since 2009 as well as also embarking on a UK wide Tour in 2009 to discuss the business and technical aspects of his work and Commercial Photography today. Details of up and coming tours and ‘live shoot’ seminars can be found on our news area ‘The Hype’ or by contacting our sponsor Calumet Events.

In 2008 Tim agreed to talk publicly and held the first of a series of seminars for the UK prestige car manufacturer, Jaguar. This had never been done before at this level within the car industry and was very much ‘a industry first’. The event was held at Jaguars main headquarters at Castle Bromwich in their purpose built auditorium. A great deal of planning and organisation from the supporting groups such as Hasselblad and Nikon went into the event and Calumet took on the logistics and promotion of the event. Following these first 2008 seminars we were delighted with the 96% positive feedback from both Jaguar and the attendees on the first of what has turned out to be a series of both car photography seminars for Jaguar and Land Rover in 2009. A commercial based tour also took place with 7 locations being attended around the UK where Tim will talked through the business based aspects as well as the
technical area’s of his work. These events are organised alongside Calumet and during the last few years seminars that were held by photographer Tim Wallace received the highest positive feedback of any event that had been staged in that same year, a great accolade we feel to not Only Tim’s passion for his work but also his ability to connect with his audience and deliver a more modern and inspired view on photography.

Jaguar – UK Events

The Jaguar seminar ran the entire day with introductions being made by John Maries, Executive Director at Jaguar. Following an initial 20 minute talk by Tim on the aspects and issues surrounding commercial car photography today the attendees had chance to watch Tim perform a live shoot with a Jaguar on stage in Jaguars main auditorium shooting with both Hassleblad and Nikon equipment. The event continued where the car lighting set up was changed several times to give viewers an opportunity to see how differing light arrangements effect the subject. With the excellent support of Hassleblad, Nikon the group were then able to get a chance to shoot with the equipment themselves under Tim’s guidance and advice.

Further seminars are planned with Jaguar, Land Rover and a possible new manufacturer, details are available from Calumet online and also we will be posting information on our news page ‘The Hype’.

John Maries, Executive Director Jaguar
“I just wanted to say that I thought the event day was superb and your hard work and organisation really paid off. For me, the day flowed seamlessly along and enabled everyone to enjoy it. Thank you. Please send my thanks, also, to the vendors. The combination worked brilliantly. Even I enjoyed the chance to try out some exotic kit! The students will, I am sure, be talking about their day for some time. Thanks to you, they had a unique opportunity to work in a professional environment. I was especially pleased to see them engaging with the older cars.
As a sign of your success. I have to tell you the Finance Controller is still buzzing, this morning, and has five images on his wall, already! Favourite words from the day, “Leather! Who’s photographing the leather?”.

Chris Russel-Fish – Managing Director of Hasselblad
“I think the event is really great and its good to see people coming to grips with the different bodies available through Hassleblad, these are in effect our customers of the future. It was great to meet Tim, a down to earth bloke who made me laugh and connected to the audience really well”

Tim Wallace
“I have to say that this was a really great event and I for one thoroughly enjoyed being able to work with all that attended. We had originally planned to get everything set up across the 2 stages by close of play on Friday afternoon however we ran into some power issues, as sometimes happens, and needed to return at sunrise on Saturday to get everything completed in preparation for the opening. This just would not have been possible without the really fantastic hospitality of Jaguar and the enthusiastic support and professionalism of the supporting vendors. A special thank you to Paul and Ben from Hassleblad for being on hand and really helping things flow smoothly, not to mention the amazing amount of work by David France from and his assistant Dave. We had a tremendous amount of lighting equipment to cope with, quite literally a lorry load of the stuff, and the guys worked incredibly hard to ensure we got the results that we were looking for. Thanks also to the guys from Nikon fro their superb dedication to the event and for their countless hours of assistance to those wishing to learn more about the equipment. Finally I’d like to give my thanks to Frankie from Calumet, an extraordinary young lady that helped to pull the whole lot together and ensure we all had what we needed whether it was sending somebody out for another extension cable or the bacon sandwich that she brought in for me early on the Saturday morning.

Features and Articles on Tim’s Car Photography
Tim is often invited to talk about his work in this field and below we’ve included some links to recent features and interviews that may offer additional reading for those interested in this area of Tim’s work.

Calumet – ‘Photographer Spotlight’ Interview
Digital SLR Photography – ‘Photographer Interview’ UK Magazine
Scott Kelby – ‘Guest Interview’ US Feature
Elinchrom Switzerland – ‘The Making of Tim Wallace’ Feature
What Digital Camera – ‘Creative Drive’ Photographer Interview
Focus Magazine – ‘Photographer Tim Wallace’ Feature Interview
Digital Camera – ‘Out There’ Magazine Interview
Ron Martinsen – ‘Top Photographers’ US Interview
Pro Insight – ‘Capturing Cars’ Feature

The Inspired Tour

In recent years Tim Wallace has delivered a tour of 7 venues around the country after receiving requests for further events. The tour events were very soundly based on commercial photography in general and also took an in depth look at many aspects from work-flow to surviving in the commercial world of photography.

The tour itself took a rare insight into the world of commercial photography through the eyes of a professional working in this environment both nationally and internationally, and offered people the chance to gain further knowledge in what it takes to become a success in a career that is notorious for its high failure rate.

Tim discussed many aspects of photography including work-flow and how he approaches it for maximum efficiency, equipment in respect of DSLR Vs Medium format as well as lighting and just how he feels that shooting styles have changed over the last 10 years.
He also spoke personally through some of his own work, explaining his thought process and how he approaches a shoot and well as his own experiences of how to first approach the commercial market as a new comer and get yourself known.
Finally we looked at digital as a whole, some techniques Tim uses in Photoshop that he designed as well as looking at the importance of a fluid professional work-flow, and discussing if it is still a ‘pure’ medium and how to regain that ‘shooting on film’ feeling that many professionals feel has been lost.

The recent UK Roadshows have contained;

1. Professional Workflow – What’s important and why, how we approach workflow, Monitor calibration, actions for speed in workflow, printing output etc
2. DSLR or Medium Format – Why choose a format and why both can exist in the Pro field today.
3. Pixel Awareness – Addressing why some people feel something has been lost in the change to digital from film.
4. The Commercial Shark Tank – What it takes to be a commercial photographer, the ups the downs, introducing yourself to the market, the reality of the early days.
5. Commercial Work, The Approach – A talk through some of my own varied commercial work, what inspires me and how I approach a shoot including the background on the images.
6. The New Digital Purest – Addressing today’s views that digital is not pure photography, how photography has evolved to lead us to what we use now, also how this measures against older techniques and how these traditions of the past can be transposed into shooting today.

Land Rover Seminar Events

Following the success his live shoot seminars with Jaguar Tim was asked to conduct a series of ‘live’ seminars with Land Rover at their main centre in Halewood, Liverpool and also the Land Rover site at Solihull in the West Midlands. These events follow a similar format but involved a ‘live’ shoot this time working outdoors in a purpose built areas located near the main centres. The shoots are split into separate area’s and concentrate on the setup from scratch of a professional lighting arrangement for shooting a Land Rover on medium format digital Hasselblad equipment as well as 2 other area’s for action based photography. The media sample below was put together after a 4 hour shoot on site at the location to promote the events with Calumet. The new ‘Go Beyond’ 2010 events are now based on a more focused group event over 2 days rather than 1 to give those attending a very in depth and broad sample of this environment. Details and booking is available through Calumet.

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